Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Print and Green

Top: Reba; Pants: Quks; Boots: Madden Girl and Bag: Ferris and Mor

Happy First of the month everyone!!!!, This look was one of my favorites (if i should say so myself) , inspired by a fashionista on lookbook. Its pretty casual but i just love the combination. The original look (well the one that inspired me) was with a mint coloured green pants but  i didnt own that colour at the time so i decided to go with a dark green, plus i like to put my own mark on my looks even if they are influenced by others. Ive seen where some fashionista's not only imitate the looks to a T but also the actual pose that the person has in their pic (yes seriously)especially if this person is a celebrity...funny huh..well to each his own..


  1. Me encantan tus botas!!
    pasate por mi blog :


  2. love this look I've worn something very similar myself - animal print and colored jeans with booties


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