Thursday, August 30, 2012

She went for a ride

Top: Marshalls; Jeans: Forever 21; Bag: Ross dress for less; Boots: Gojane

Hi everyone! so i know Ive been slacking when it comes to posting and responding to comments but my mum has been here (for the past week) and we've been pretty much up and down trying to get some stuff together for her trip back home (i wish i was going too) but i will soon!. I cant wait to see my niece! 

About the look: This is one of my favorite outfits..i love the colour of these pants and they were so unbelievably cheap ($15.80 i think). I love it paired with this high low polka dot top and the boots...i saw this picture and the first thing that came to mind was horse back riding (weird but true)..anyways hope you have a great weekend and up coming holiday (those of you who live in America)

kisses :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Floral Shorts

Top: Marshalls; Shorts: SWS; Heels: Jeanne; Clutch: Chi
Hi everyone! hope you had a great weekend! This is just one of my more casual summer outfits ...what do you think? sorry not much to write right now except its raining cats and dogs! (thanks hurricane Isaac)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Pink Panther

Top : Thirfted; Pants: SWS; Clutch: Nas Bag; Heels: Payless

Hi everyone! so this is another outfit i wore a while ago of course when it wasn't so unbelievably hot in Florida..i don't want to be a complainer but the last couple weeks in South Florida has been has rained EVERY SINGLE DAY and always in the evening (the only time i can get to take pictures). The days start off so unbelievably hot and hot that your clothing sticks to you by 2 pm if you happen to be outside; then around  6-6:30Pm ( when i get to take pics)  if its not raining already there is a serious overcast so all the pics come out dark. I guess i should just shut up and live it huh? ah well. 
About the look: The focus of this outfit was really the pants...ive had them for a while but just didn't get the chance to wear them ...i added the multicoloured clutch (my favourite thrift find ever!) to liven up the look a little..what do you think of this look?

Friday, August 17, 2012

A marraige of Black and Brown

Hats: Mudd; Dress: Forever 21; Wedges: Payless; Bag: Emile M.

Hi everyone! hope you had a great friday!! well i finally got my pictures to upload (after hrs and hrs of trying)...hiss...i cant stand computers. Anyway, as i mentioned earlier, i have been without a computer for over a week now hence the lack of posts. I had been trying to post using my kindle (which is pretty handy) but  for some reason it wouldnt work so i gave up and decided to just wait for the computer (thank god the geek squad is fairly efficient)

About this look: I actually wore this outfit for a relaxing sunday! i had seen fashionistas mixing black and brown and i thought it was pretty cool so i decided to try it.  The dress is one of three (black, yellow, blue) i bought from forever 21...they are so light and comfortable and easy to dress up or down. I have not worn the blue as yet but i really want to before  the summer ends. What do you think of this look?
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Problems, problems, problems

Hi everyone! so i have been mia because my computer was in the shop..i have since gotten it back but for some reason i cannot upload any anyone else having this problem? everytime i upload a pic it says "server returned invalid response"..i dont even know what that means...hiss
anyway, i hope youre having a great friday so far and i will be posting as soon as i can figure out what is happening here

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Little Red Engine

Top: Style & Co.; Skirt: Material Girl; Heels; Gojane

Hi everyone! so i just got back from seeing the Dark Knight rises (not in this outfit) at first i was a little on the edge about watching it but after some convincing and the eventual  realization that you cannot live in fear (because crazy things can happen where you least expect)i decided to go. Anyway, this movie was awesome!!! as i expected. but i still think the first one (Dark Knight was it?) was better, i cant get over how good Heath ledger was.  I want to see The Watch..i love Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill (pretty much love all the stars..ha ha). So far, the weekend has been good..btw tomorrow (the 6th)  is my country's independence ..happy 50th Jamaica! i miss you!

About this look: I wore this outfit a while ago (yes i am doing alot of back posts) but i love this red leather skirt..its so bright and pretty and ofcourse my trusted gojane lita em'!...cant wear them much right now ...too HOT!..i mean i wore a blazer today (white and light weight) and i nearly was so so so very hot..well humid..anyway i hope you had a superb weekend everyone....i really appreciate all your comments , i read all of them and i keep up with all your posts. Thank you for your beautiful comments
kisses :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Denim & Dots

Jacket: Old Navy; Top: Old Navy; Shorts: Rampage; Shoes:Gojane

Hi everyone!, i promised i would try to post more often but this week was chronic sinusitis is back (lol..chronic is back?..makes no sense huh? chronic means its always there but no i was getting treated..i just ran out of medication). Alot of people dont realize how bad this can be....i know sinusitis sounds like a run of the mill kinda thing but it is not (atleast not when its chronic) it is practically debilitating cant cant sleep cant smell or taste and you always have to be brushing your teeth and keeping gum at hand (over share/embarassing but true bad breathe is a side effect). I have had surgery for this thing.. also i have returned to the gym ...omg! it might not look like it in this picture (considering it was taken almost  2  mths ago) but i have gained more weight than i care to disclose..i know im not fat but im not comfortable (ive always been skinny all my life) its back to the gym for me ..i dont even know why i stopped in the first place but when i stopped the cheesecakes didnt and now im just miserable plus my clothes dont fit summer shorts (nearly all of them) are cutting off my circulation (ha ha) seriously they are!.
Anyways about this look: Believe it or not this "shorts" was actually a skort..i bought it at the thrift store for $1.50 (cheap huh?) but  thats the only reason i bought it because as i said before im not good at diy somehow the projects always spoil (with it being so cheap i wouldnt mind if i messed up). Fortunately i didnt mess up,  i managed to remove the extra peice and fix the zip and woila!..there you  have it a very cute high waisted polka dot shorts...what do you think?