Monday, October 31, 2011

Rocker Blues!

Jacket: Forever 21; Tank: Zoo York; Pants: Yeans Please; Heels: Delicious

Can you believe i did not like this jacket when i first got it..i purchased it online and when it came it was really big (remember i was waay skinnier than this)  and i never liked the style..however the other day i took it out to wear it and i couldnt believe how stupid i was ..its a great jacket ..i paired it up with this light blue jeans that i love and this lip tank that i thrifted for like a dollar...btw i dont like thrifting tanks, t-shirts and those types of tops ..i find that its better to buy them new because they get stained easily..this one was however in great condition and pretty cheap..what do you think of this look?

Monday, October 24, 2011

I need your help

Hat: Walmart; Top : Petticoat Alley; Shorts: Forever21; Flats: Seychelles,  Bag: Liz Claiborne
Hey ladies!!, ok so ive been trying to come up with ways in which i can promote my blog..i appreciate every single person who has become a member so far and have tried to show that appreciation by joining your blogs also. I  would,  however, love love love more members. This is a pretty recent blog (started in September) so i figured it would not blow up over night especially since i have no give aways etc etc to attract new members..(i would love to give away stuff  but im just waiting for the member list to increase to atleast  I would really appreciate your suggestions/recommendations  on how to go about making my blog a bit more popular...more noticable..what were some of the things you did to get your blogs off the ground?? or is it simply a waiting game?..i would really appreciate your advice....

About the look:  this is one of my more casual outfits..i wore this to go get some extensions put in my hair.  This photo was taken the day i got them done  and im still wearing them now..i love this top,  i think i got it at Marshalls ..its very cute,  ofcourse pretty cheap (12.99) and very wearable especially here in SoFlo...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Vintage Teal

Top: Claus Petites (Vintage); Shorts: Forever 21; Clutch: Green Mountain; Heels : Delicious (Ross)

hey dolls!!, hope your having a great weekend so was pretty hum drum for me then barnes and noble to read and home again..i was thinking of maybe doing a little tgif drinking but i didnt since im trying not to eat out as much now that i've started working out again ..going out for drinks would really ruin my 3 day

About the Look:  I love this top so much..i bought it at guessed it.. a thrift store, it's a  truly vintage  find and in very good condition.  I really  really love the colour, the fabric (if im not mistaken i think its silk)  and the fact that it has one of my favourites prints (the polka dot). Everything else is pretty much generic..what  do you think of this look??

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sheer Magic!

Top: Modas Airoso; Pants : Forever 21; Heels: Delicious (Ross); Clutch : Thrifted

Ive wanted a sheer top for a long time but i couldnt seem to find one....then one day it hit me..why not look for one in a thrift store always going there i did and i found this one for $5... but it was half off so i got it for $2.50..great right?....what do you think of this look?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall for Colour

Top: Jordan; Belt : New York & Co.; Dress (as skirt): Forever 21; Clutch Thrifted

Hey everyone! hope your having a great weekend! ..I titled this look  "fall for colour" because i love the idea of continuing colour into the fall season...previously ladies would dump their bright coloured clothing around this time of year and gravitate to the so-called tranditional dark fall colours..grays, blacks, browns and tans.   This fall, however it is clear that colour intends to stick around and im loving it!!!

About this look: This "skirt" is actually a dress,  a maxi dress from forever 21. I wore it as a skirt because i really love the colour and also im always having trouble finding skirts that are really long on me (and im 5'4'...pretty average) . I  like my maxi skirts really long and the dress did exactly that for me ..also i like the idea of having a multi-purpose item, something i can get creative with, people do it all the time with skirts, that is, wear them as dresses i just  wanted to wear my dress as a skirt. The top, a very nice mustard yellow was thrifted as well as the clutch..what do you think of this look.?  

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Shades of Print

Shirt: Miley Cyrus and Max Azria (Walmart); Scarf: Joe Boxer (K-mart); Shorts: Forever 21; Flats: American Eagle, Bag: Ferris & Mor

I apologize for posting so infrenquently..ive just been so busy and where as i just post a pic on chicisimo i have to blog also...which i cant find time to do in the days and tooo tired to do at nights..but i will try to do better..

About this look: well i wore this to the Mall on a was pretty comfy ..well everything is fitting more snugly because i gained some weight..well like 15 working out again though so hopefully by january (my bdy) ill be back.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Printed Halter Dress

Dress: Forever21; Clutch: Green Mountain; Heels: Delicious (Ross)

Hey still posting pics taken a while back ..this dress is one of my favourite might actually be my favourite if i really think about it...i bought it from forever 21 in 2008 and it is still very much trendy today....i even remember how much i paid for it...19 dollars...pretty cheap huh?....well i gave it a whirl one saturday night for date night was kinda drafty inside the restaurant because  as with most halter tops and halter top dresses  the back is complely open (though you cant see it )..anyway..what do think of this dress...