Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Fashion Pet Peeves

Hi everyone! hope you're having a great weekend so far. So today, i wanted to divert a little and do a little blogging(talking) ..still fashion blogging just with out the photos. As the title of the post suggests, this piece is about my fashion pet peeves. Before going further i want to emphasize the MY. This idea came to me today at the mall, where, if you're into fashion you are sure to see something that you dont care for. Please understand that this is not intended to offend anyone, or to dictate to anyone what not to wear...this is simply an opinion. Please feel free to comment and let me know what are your fashion pet peeves.

1. Too short Maxi dresses/skirts

This maybe unavoidable for really tall girls since most maxi dresses and skirts are made for the average height girl/female. I know it especially bothers me (im just 5'4) when i try on maxi dresses/ skirts and they stop at an awkward length..i mean i want my maxi dresses/skirts to fall below my ankle bone.

2. Too short shorts

I love my shorts as much as any girl BUT i really cannot stand the sight of butt checks..i mean if you can feel air on your ass ...your shorts are too d!^$ short.

3. Too low pants.

Somehow, some women feel its ok to walk around with their butt crack (ugh!)  showing. I don't get it why on earth would you want the public to see that?

4. Running sneakers as regular shoes.

I know all women are not into heels, infact im not that into heels, dont get me wrong i own plenty but i dont wear them for long and i almost always have a pair of flats in my bag. However, i realize that i dont like seeing women dressed up in for example Nike running sneakers as regular foot wear. I think running shoes are only acceptable as an everyday form of foot wear  if the person wearing them is old ( and i do mean old) or for health reasons.

5. Silk hair bonnets

This one is mainly for the sisters..i mean women of colour. I dont know if other women do this but where i live black women are usually the culprits. I see these ladies in the mall, in their cars, in the stores, on the bus (when i took it) with these "things" on their heads...if you dont have a clue what im refering to google it. They look like black shower caps. I've reasoned that some women wear them when they are having a bad hair day but there has to be something ...anything else...that you can find...use a scarf for god sake..i dont know...SOMETHING..ANYTHING ELSE. It really bothers me. Ladies i say this with love , it looks ghetto :)

6. Leggings as pants

I love leggings but I have noticed that forever 21 and some other clothing sites have a tendency to advertise their leggings (as they do their pants) with tucked in tops and/or crop tops, i figure they do it to show the consumer the entire item but ladies leggings as pants is really not a nice thing...i mean panty lines..camel toe..nobody wants to see that. Leggings especially the really cute patterned ones are so nice with a long enough top.

7.  Pajamas anywear but in your house

I think that says it all...i dont know why anyone would want to wear their pjs on the road...i mean short of your house burning down (and  i really  hope that doesnt happen) and you having to run out with the clothes on your back (aka pjs) then dont do it!

8. Knee length leggings

Unless its to the gym...NO.

9. Socks with heels

I have seen girls do this, i have read where its in or was in,..but i dont get it and i dont like seeing it. It doesnt matter how small you are, how cute you isnt such a great idea.

10. Ed hardy anything!

ugh! need i say more?

11.  Bra sticking out at the back of your tank.

If you are wearing a racer back tank then get a racer back type bra..or get the bra hide a strap thing. There are just too many bra accessories for your bra to be visible.

12. Hoodies

This one is weird, i just dont like hoodie. I think they look great on some people.,,i just dont like them. I have about 3 hooded sweat shirts all of which were given to me ...i wear them to either do laundry (in my house!) or when it gets cold (in my house!) 


Let me say this, if i had made this list say six years ago sequins (believe it or not), anything fur and wedges would have definately made their way onto it. Its funny how things have changed.. ;). I love seeing people experiment with fashion, i love that we dont all have the same sense of style, i dont see anything wrong with following or not following trends  and i know my trash might be another girls treasure...but the 12 (if i think of any more i'll let you know) items above really grind my gears (lol!!). Im sure you ladies see fashion ideas that make you want to scream MAKE IT STOP !!!!! what are some of these...i cant wait to hear them :)



  1. lovely post......... the maxi dress is cute.............

  2. First I have to say that you are gorgeous! love your pics and your blog is lovely! Thanks for the lovely comment on my page and i'm now following you , hope you can follow back :)
    very nice and interesting post by the way!

  3. Thank u for the comment on my blog ;) great post! We share the same pet peeves especially about the leggings as pants if not worn with a longer tee. I disagree with the running sneakers though. It's become a huge part of street style. Check out & donkeycool for some great street style looks. Let me know if u agree because their style may not rock everyone's boat but im definitely a fan


  4. he he he this is funny.i don't know if there's anything that makes me want to scream but i really son't like 2,3 and 11.or tube dresses,tops or halter necks with bra straps no no :)

  5. completely agree with you on 1, 6, 8, 10! but actually i quite like hoodies, they look really cute sticking out under leather jackets or pretty much any jacket <3

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  6. Great blog! Im following you..!

  7. I definitely agree with leggings as pants! it's so annoying ...and ED HARDY! lol really horrible

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  12. I have to say agree I pretty much agree with all your pet peeves the only one that I think can sometimes be ok is the socks with heels. Depends on the look but it can be very chic. Last week in the middle of the blizzard when I was waiting for the commuter train, a young women walked down the platform wearing BARE legs, gladiator pumps a red jacket that went right below her hips and whatever she was wearing underneath was so short you could not see it below her coat, plus not hat, scarf of gloves. Everyone did a double take...k-razy

    Ali of

  13. great blog! your outfits are amazing :D can we follow each other? let me know i will follow back of course

  14. Haha great post! I'd have to agree with most of them!

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  15. The 1., 8. and 11. point - it's like you're reading my mind.:D
    Definitely following via GFC and Bloglovin.;)

  16. I agree with you, I can't stand sneakers with my all being, especially the running shoes worn as ordinary shoes..

  17. me encanta tu blog tienes un estilo super MI BLOG GRACIAS :D

  18. you did an awesome job doing that yourself.

  19. Love your looks,nice blog you have!!

  20. love this post , totally agree with everything , but the Ed Hardy sometimes (only sometimes) have some good shirts . and OMG the leggings as pants totally SUCK

    i like your blog , do you want to follow each other ? i already followed and hope you follow back :)


  21. my dear u took the words right outta my mind well except for the hoodie which i think can appear really laid-back like a sweatshirt but i so hate the leggings as pants and every other thing.thnks for stoppin by my blog.ive followed u n hope u do too.

  22. Quite an impressive list! I do agree with everything except the hoodies. I live in Minnesota where it gets super cold and hoodies are part of my wardrobe but they have to be fitted and not baggy and super cute...:)

    My pet peeves are super short skits or shorts (unless maybe they are worn with tights and stockings)and it might be because I'm in my mid thirties but they are a no-no for me...

    Lovely blog; you just got a new follower. I'll like it if you follow too so we can chat about fashion. You have tasteful style.


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