Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Birthday Celebration Part 3

Hey lovelies!!!!.....I know these last photos ( taken on my birthday) were along time coming especially since my birthday has been gone for more than 2 weeks ago..yeah im slacking but not only that i had very little to no internet access for the last two weeks while i was away on my birthday trip and when i finally got the opportunity and  tried uploading the pictures google wouldnt allow me to. Also, for the past week ive had a very nasty chest cold accompanied with still pretty sick right now but i decided that i would try to update this blog tonight especially since im feeling a tiny bit better.

About the look: This was the very first outfit i wore on my birthday. I really like these jeans from forever 21, especially the colour (mint ) paired with this top i got from the thrift shop..I wore this outfit for breakfast but after taking these pictures  i realized i didn't like it very  much hence the dress (pink and black lace below). What do you think??


  1. me encanto la combinación , que tengas un gran dia !


  2. Wooow, pero que guapaa!
    Me encantan losmpantalones de ese color, ymlo has combinado geniial con esa blusaaa!
    Besitos guapiiii

  3. Great photos, you look amazing! Really enjoying your blog and am your newest follower.

  4. preciosas las fotos,me encanta esta blusa,el bolso es divino

  5. love this outfit and the color of your pants!!kisses

  6. Me encanta el color de los jeans, gran combinacion con la blusa...besos


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