Monday, March 5, 2012


Jacket: Ross dress for less; Cami: Forever 21; Skirt: Joan Leslie; Boots: Gojane; Bag: Ross dress for less

Hey everyone!!!, first off let me say this ..i love this outfit ..particularly the skirt, and guess what? it was a thirft find..for just $4  (4 freaking dollars!!!!!) and it is beautiful...i think its one size bigger than my actual size but because of the elastic in the waist it doesn't fall and plus (i have to admit it) i have gotten a bit thicker in that area worries im working it off...lost 6 pounds already..yay!!!!. The rest of the outfit was pretty much bought new ..on a side note, beginning to really love Ross  dress for less. I mean i always shopped there every once in a while but now i find that i go in their atleast once twice a month .. in my recent trips i've found a number of things in there that are now in style for really really cheap. For example, i  found a polka dot high-low dress for $12.99 , cheap right? yup forever 21 has them for a minimum of like $20. Anways i hope you have a great rest of the week
kisses :-)

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  1. genialª adoro el color turquesa y te queda hermoso!!!Besos !!!, Karola de ESTILO MODA


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