Saturday, July 28, 2012

Meet me roun' the corner

Top: Thrifted; Pants: Forever 21; Shoes: Nine West; Bag: Jennifer Moore

Hey guys! hope you're having a great weekend! mine has been kind of slow but ....

Anyways this is also an outfit i wore a while ago... i love these pants...ofcourse its from forever 21 and the top - thrifted..well thats it for now what do you think of this look?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ombre (Diy)

Top: Shapely; Pants: Forever 21 (DIY); Bag: Ross Dress for Less; Heels: Nine West

Hi everyone!! So this is going to be a quick  post...i just wanted to show you guys one of my first (fairly) successful diy ombre jeans. Now you may have seen fashionistas in this style of jeans alot recently ..(i mean within the last couple months)....its so funny to me because i actually owned pants like these several years ago ..back when i was in high school. I remember because i wore very similar ones (bought as is) on my 16th or 17th birthday  (i have a photo) ..problem is i gave those away decades ago because i wasnt even thinking they might come back in style but apparantly they have. Suffice it to say,  I wasnt about to buy them again  so i decided to scour the thrift store for some cheap pants ($3.5)  for a fun diy project and above you can see the result.

Now you can do this to anything- jackets, shorts (my next diy) , dresses, skirts etc etc. What do you need? ...actually its very simiple and you may have all you need right there in your home...bleach, a shallow bowl and a pair of gloves. I also used colour remover that i purchased at walmart. What do you think of my ombre jeans? Also, this is my latest post on chicisimo (here)..feel free to check out my page and vote if you like it dont have to join to be able to vote and if you are already a member just leave me a comment i always vote back..thank you

kisses :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mint and Print

Blouse: Le Pointy; Skirt: Forever 21; Clutch: Green Mountain; Heels: Gianni Bini

Hi everyone! hope you had a superb weekend! this outfit is also one worn a while ago....i love this top..even though its one size too big (thrifted) but i make it work...what do you think of this look?

also i want to say a big thank you to everyone following my blog, i truly truly appreciate it...and i welcome your comments :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blue Jeans and Heels

Blazer: Tahari; Top: Le Pointy; Jeans: Aeropostale; Clutch: Nas bag; Heels: Speed Limit 98

Hi everyone, so i am very happy with the visits to my blog, your beautiful comments and ofcourse the new followers..i always follow back so dont hesitate to leave me a comment with a link to your blog and i will sure to become a member.

About the look: I wore this outfit so long ago .. i hestitated to publish it because its not my favourite.This outfit was actually inspired by a fashionista on chicisimo (im so sorry i dont remember her name)but ofcourse i tweeked it and made it my own by adding my favourite thrift item -the beautiful multicoloured clutch (just $2.50...crazy!!!!!)  and the silver heels. It was one of those outfits, that to me, looked better in person (the top is brighter and prettier) than on picture also by the time i took this picture i was a bit disheveled ....looking at it now its not so bad..not bad at all..what do you think of this look?

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Mum!!!

Dress: Savage(Jamaica); Heels:Payless; Bag: Thrifted

Today (friday the 13th!!!!!!! is my mothers birthday..happy birthday mummy!!!! love you!!! (btw she will never see read my mum, my brother, my father and i are all born the 13th of  our respective months. Anyway, have a superb day mom!!

Great news for all my wonderful fellow fashionistas on a budget check out dinodirect, an online store that provides amazing deals on dresses, skirts, pants and other articles of clothing also free shipping!!!!!!!! go get it!

About the look: This dress is one of my favourite things ever. I purchased it in Jamaica (when i was still living there) for less than $10 US dollars and i just love is soo pretty..i've worn it on and off camera approxiametely 10,....kidding,...about 5 times ( for me thats alot). Hold on, this is not to say that i do not wear things twice, three times or  even four..its just that i try to wear everything i own atleast once...because  i thrift so often (atleast 3 times a month)  i have quite a few things that i try to wear as soon as possible especially if they are seasonall items; doing this means that i wear something once or twice and then it ends up at the back of the closet until i come across it  and fall in love all over again (which i almost always do). Dont worry, i recycle...not only do i have to but i want not wasting my money buying things to wear once then throw it away or donate it..even though im all for donating the things you dont want anymore.

Anyway (boy im talking alot today huh?, because i am so obsessed with shoes right (i was never a shoe fanatic) ive been online trying to find some cute pairs to maybe add to my limited collection..but boy oh boy..i started asking myself this question that i will now pose to you: How much are you willing to spend on shoes? i know common rhetoric in the fashion world is that you should invest in your accessories particularly your shoes but really how much is too much? ladies i would love to hear your opinion on this? im looking forward to your opinions please

Thursday, July 12, 2012

And we have a winner!

Top: Thrifted; Skirt: BCBG: Heels: Aldo; Clutch: MCI

Hi everyone! hope you had a happy thursday!!, well first i would like to announce the winner of the Sweet Fashion Deals Giveaway (sorry ive been busy) ...congratulations Danielle of  The Writing of Danielle Villano!!! i hope you enjoy these wonderful peices courtesy of Sweet Fashion Deal.

About the look: This is just another outfit i put together as a result of my obsession with the floral trend. The top, purchased at my local (and favourite) thrift store, is one of my favourite floral prices even though ive worn it just the once..(i want to pair it with some orange jeans next).... Well, thats all for now....what do you think of this outfit...what would you pair this top with?

P.S. I've been trying to make my rounds on all my subscribers's blogs and also ofcourse ive been subscribing....please leave me a link to your blog if you want me to follow you also....i might not get around to it immediately but i will eventually

kisses (besos) :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Match me

Necklace: Sweet Fashion Deals; Top: David Benjamin; Skirt: Papaya; Heels: A'gaci

Hey lovelies!!!,  so this outfit was based around this beautiful necklace im wearing courtesy of Sweet Fashion deals (here ).  It is a beautiful piece and i wanted to highlight it by mounting it on a simple white top  and also bringing up the colours more with this floral skirt. Please go check out sweetfashion deals at the link above and also if you scroll down a bit you can participate in the giveaway i am currently hosting...a beautiful necklace and earrings are up for grabs..giveaway ends soon :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independence Craze

Dress: Ross Dress for Less;Bag: MC1; Shoes: Agaci

Hey everyone!! so this is what i really wore yesterday and as you can see look very patriotic ..i do this for my country's (Jamaica) independence as well but i try to be a little classy ..and not scream America...well maybe i do in this dont care...i posted this look on my chicisimo page..really hope you like it and vote for me as appreciate it dont worry i always vote back..please check it out the badge is on the right hand side of this page
kisses :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence day!!

Top: Forever 21; Pants: Forever 21; Wedges: Payless;

Happy 4th everyone!!! this is just another casual outfit of mine...