Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Print and Green

Top: Reba; Pants: Quks; Boots: Madden Girl and Bag: Ferris and Mor

Happy First of the month everyone!!!!, This look was one of my favorites (if i should say so myself) , inspired by a fashionista on lookbook. Its pretty casual but i just love the combination. The original look (well the one that inspired me) was with a mint coloured green pants but  i didnt own that colour at the time so i decided to go with a dark green, plus i like to put my own mark on my looks even if they are influenced by others. Ive seen where some fashionista's not only imitate the looks to a T but also the actual pose that the person has in their pic (yes seriously)especially if this person is a celebrity...funny huh..well to each his own..

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Sweater: Thrifted; Shorts: Old Navy; Boots: Gojane;  Scarf: Forever 21

Hey lovelies!, hope your weekend was great!...i know that you may have noticed by now that i wear these Gojane boots (knock off Litas) very very very often..thing is..i love em...they are like 5 inches high and very comfortable to walk in and whats more is they make me super tall and i love that (my husband doesnt though).

About this look: Though this sweater looks white , it is actually silver. I purchased it at the thrift store for $2.50 i think, the shorts are pretty old..well 3 or 4 yrs old i think, i got them back when i pretty much bought everything from old anyway what do you think of this outfit.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Jacket: Zara, Top: Marshalls; Scarf: (cannot remember); Pants: Forver 21; Boots: Gojane; Bag: Ross

Hey lovelies, hope you're having a great weekend, Today the family and friends of Whitney Houston laid her to rest in what can only be described as a beautiful "home-going" service......beautiful and sad...oh whitney... Most importantly, they gave us, her fans the opportunity to share in their grief even if it was from our living rooms and for that i am thankful, thankful that i got the opportunity to see one of my all time favourite singers final farewell/ send off. Boy did the tears come... they came.....  admittedly though, it was towards the end when they played the hit "I will always love you", and oh my, i couldnt help it...i choked. i really hope you rest in peace..there is so much being said and written about her right now and i wonder how people can be so hateful and negative when all is said and done the woman died....i dont care what she did with her life because that is not for me to judge and as her sister in law said..and said so perfectly, "in the final analysis, it was always between her and God anyway"...or problems, sins transgressions, mistakes are between us and god anyway..i loved you whitney and so did alot of other in peace

About this look: I cant recall how long ago i actually wore this outfit or where to, what i do remember is that we were experiencing a cold front in Soflo, which of course could be the only reason to have on so many pieces of clothing. The jacket, which i absolutely love is from the  zara brand but  was actually thrifted at the goodwill for $6 and ofcourse it was in amazing condition...honestly it looked like it was worn maybe once or twice..what do you thinlk of this look?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Forever Thine...

Dress: Forever 21; Clutch: MCI

So ofcourse we all know yesterday was valentines day and i celebrated with my valentine- my hubby- who by the way looked really handsome..thanks to me :-). This is the dress that i  ordered online ftom forever 21, i like it but im not in love with it like i thought i would be. In addition, by the time we got home (we went to the cinebistro) the dress was covered in chocolate..i dont even know how or when that happened. I wore it with this red clutch red lips and my print heels with red bottoms (no, not louboutins).  How did you spend valentines day?

P.S. My apologizes for posting just one pic but I never really liked any of the others because they were either too dark or didnt show the dress well. To be honest, i  dont even like this one but its the clearest and shows the dress better than the others.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Few Stolen Moments

"A few stolen moments is all that we share", "Didnt we almost have it all, when love was all we had worth giving", "where do broken hearts go, can they find their way home?" and  "I will always love you" , just a few lines of songs ive grown up listening to and now my eyes are moist with tears...i loved Whitney Houston, i did. I grew up in a family who admired the greatness that was her talent and she will surely be missed. As you may know by now, Whitney Houston passed today..smh and my sister was the one who broke the news to me. Infact she called to ask me if it was true seeing that im the one that keeps up with all the celebity ish...but i had no clue, i was actually putting the final touches on my makeup to go out when she called and i immediately jumped on google and boom there it was...Whitney Houston dead at 48. I was shocked to say the least, yes i knew about her addiction pretty sure the whole world knew but i was still pretty shocked. I know for some of us her memory will always be tainted by her addiction, less than graceful public appearances and recent ( well not so recent) unflattering performances but for me she will always be THE WHITNEY HOUSTON. So in her memory, i plan to listen to all my favourites from her and sing till my throat hurts.

Whitney was a beautiful and talented person and i pray her soul rests in peace.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Royal Blue and Stripes

Sweater :Himalaya; Skirt: Forever 21; Boots: Gojane; Bag: Sasha

Even though i've not quite gotten around to posting every day, this is my second post this week!!! thats great for really gonna make the effort to update this blog more than one or twice every two weeks. Anyway, I wore this outfit a while ago and i really really love this sweater. I purchased it at the thrift store for like $2 and its fits great and the colour is gorgeous even more so in person. The skirt is another one of my forever 21 purchases, i swear almost all of my skirts are from forever 21..anyway this will be a short post ..what do you think?

P.S. Valentines day is coming up, i bought some dresses last friday from forever  (one of which i plan on wearing on that day) usually it takes 7 days for me i would usually get them tommorrow instead im getting them on tuesday..valentines day itself..i was kinda surprised but because this is the first time, i wont get all flustered about it..atleast im getting them on valentines day..hopefully :-)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Blame it on the weatherman

Blazers: Thrifted; Liquid leggings: Forever21; Boots: Wet Seal; Scarf: Old Navy;

I wore this outfit about a month or two ago....more like two....i really loved this blazer/sweater jacket that i bought at the thrift store but i ended up "lending" it to my mum when she visited florida with every intention, by the way,  of getting it back. She however, washed it and put it in the dryer .its pure wool...and ofcourse it shrunk, i mean i couldn't even believe it was the same jacket when i saw it so ofcourse you know i am no longer interested in it...maybe i'll find something  similar in the thrift store again..who knows..anyway how has your week been? Do you like this look?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Birthday Celebration Part 3

Hey lovelies!!!!.....I know these last photos ( taken on my birthday) were along time coming especially since my birthday has been gone for more than 2 weeks ago..yeah im slacking but not only that i had very little to no internet access for the last two weeks while i was away on my birthday trip and when i finally got the opportunity and  tried uploading the pictures google wouldnt allow me to. Also, for the past week ive had a very nasty chest cold accompanied with still pretty sick right now but i decided that i would try to update this blog tonight especially since im feeling a tiny bit better.

About the look: This was the very first outfit i wore on my birthday. I really like these jeans from forever 21, especially the colour (mint ) paired with this top i got from the thrift shop..I wore this outfit for breakfast but after taking these pictures  i realized i didn't like it very  much hence the dress (pink and black lace below). What do you think??