Thursday, March 29, 2012

Camel, Orange and Black

Jacket: Rainbow; Top: Old Navy; Skirt: Poof; Shoes: Gojane

This outfit is another previously worn look...i bought this jacket on clearance (almost everything that is considered winter wear is on sale  in stores now for up to even 80% off) and i really like it especially because ive wanted one this colour since forever. The rest of the outfit is pretty mundane..i just like the colour combination..what do you think...
P.S I know this post is super short but im having a tooth ache right now which is gradually becoming a head ache also ..i swear seeing the dentist doesnt seem like such a great idea now considering i wasnt feeling any pain  before ..discomfort yes ..pain no :-(

Monday, March 26, 2012

Think Pink

Top: Rainbow; Skirt: H&M; Scarf: Bijoux Turner; Boots: Gojane; Bag: Ross dress for less

Hey everyone, well im back to posting some oldies but definately goodies. I wore this outfit in december i think or maybe one of those days that we had a cold front. I love this skirt, it is sooo pretty problem is everybody and their mother has it....i mean every body. I purchased at H&M the last time i was in Orlando because for some reason H&M doesnt want to put a store in miami..i dont understand why but whatever..i just try to go to the one in Orlando there anytime we go to the parks which is usually twice a year...i know there is one in West Palm Beach which is significantly closer (1 hr drive versus a 4 hr dive)  but ive never been..i was prepaered to go like 3 times and i swear to you each time something came up ..needless to say im yet to go...anyways thats it for me today..hope you're having a great not..i went to the dentist today and the last of the anaesthesia is starting to wear off..enough said :-)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Polka dots and silver

Dress: Ross dress for less; Heels: Speed Limit 98

Happy Sunday dolls! Ok so i usually post pics of outfits ive taken a while back but today is a bit different..i actually wore this dress today and because i love it and i also got some pretty good pics i decided im gonna post it. For those of you who dont  know the  Ross dress for less stores are pretty cool in terms of getting CHEAP dresses. The ones in South Florida can be horrible with the clutter and disorganization but sometimes i find some really really good things in there..for example this dress and two more (i plan to wear soon) for $12.99..yea i know crazy right? but so true. These high -low dresses are trending now and  with the exception of forever21,  are selling for nearly 50 in some stores. As ive said before, i have no problem spending money on something i really like but i hate the idea of spending what i consider alot of money on something that will be out of fashion with the passing of the season. So for a dress like this, which i personally will probably wear once or twice, $13 seems like a fair amount to spend..what do you guys think?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Gold tidings

Blazer: Target; Tank: Old Navy; Skirt: Forever 21; Boots: Nine West; Clutch: Green Mountain

As i have been saying these blog posts are a bit behind.... meaning they are of looks i've worn a while ago. I love this sequins skirt but its hard to wear because of the elastic at the top, i remember having a hard time keeping the tank underneath flat and neat  but i did like the outfit alot..there is so much you can do with a black blazer and ive worn this one like a hundred times (even though i have 2 others). What do you think?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sequins Bag

Top: Thrifted; Pants: Crest Jeans; Clutch: Thrifted and Boots: Gojane

Hey lovelies!, hope you had a great weekend...  today is one of my oldest and dearest friend's bdy!! happy bdy hun (this post is dedicated to you)....hope you had a wonderful wonderful day!

again i wore this outfit a while ago and i really liked it. The top half was thrifted ( the top and the sequins clutch). I saw so many girls in tops very similar to  this one and really like it so i decided that i was gonna try to find the vintage version of it. Let me say this, i love thrifting but separate and apart from that i like thrifting pieces like this top. Its very similar to the ones in the store but its definately a bit different giving it that little something (well to me). What do you think?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Celebrity Inspiration-Beyonce Knowles

Blazer: Talbots; Scarf: Joe Boxer (k-mart); Bag: Ferris and Mor; Boots: Canyon River Blues

This outfit was inspired guessed it..Mrs.. Beyonce Carter...i wore it a while ago when it was a bit colder here in Soflo. I really like the combination of red and print and even though im not a big fan of my scarf , i think i did a pretty good job of recreating the look..What do you think?

Monday, March 5, 2012


Jacket: Ross dress for less; Cami: Forever 21; Skirt: Joan Leslie; Boots: Gojane; Bag: Ross dress for less

Hey everyone!!!, first off let me say this ..i love this outfit ..particularly the skirt, and guess what? it was a thirft find..for just $4  (4 freaking dollars!!!!!) and it is beautiful...i think its one size bigger than my actual size but because of the elastic in the waist it doesn't fall and plus (i have to admit it) i have gotten a bit thicker in that area worries im working it off...lost 6 pounds already..yay!!!!. The rest of the outfit was pretty much bought new ..on a side note, beginning to really love Ross  dress for less. I mean i always shopped there every once in a while but now i find that i go in their atleast once twice a month .. in my recent trips i've found a number of things in there that are now in style for really really cheap. For example, i  found a polka dot high-low dress for $12.99 , cheap right? yup forever 21 has them for a minimum of like $20. Anways i hope you have a great rest of the week
kisses :-)