Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Birthday Celebration..part 1

Dress: Urban Planet; Heels: Zara

Hi everyone! I dont know if maybe this is too late but since Ive been away since Nov. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone and thank you for following my blog and being so sweet with your encouraging comments. So i know i have been missing since November and its now February..OMG! 2 whole months....just slack huh?..well im back and i am now ready to play catch up (don't worry i  have been checking in on your blogs every now and then). 

About the Look:  For those of you that follow me via chicisimo you might notice that i celebrated my birthday in January and it was pretty fun. I actually didn't have a party but i did have 3 wardrobe changes (lol..its the fashionista in me) I love dressing up and my birthday is just another reason (as if i need one anyway) .  I wore this dress the Saturday night before my actual birthday. I really like the dress because it played into exactly what i wanted...something that was simple (thats where the black comes in ) but very cute (thats where the sequins and tulle comes in). The sandal you might recognize from Zara ...what do you think of my dress?