Saturday, February 18, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Jacket: Zara, Top: Marshalls; Scarf: (cannot remember); Pants: Forver 21; Boots: Gojane; Bag: Ross

Hey lovelies, hope you're having a great weekend, Today the family and friends of Whitney Houston laid her to rest in what can only be described as a beautiful "home-going" service......beautiful and sad...oh whitney... Most importantly, they gave us, her fans the opportunity to share in their grief even if it was from our living rooms and for that i am thankful, thankful that i got the opportunity to see one of my all time favourite singers final farewell/ send off. Boy did the tears come... they came.....  admittedly though, it was towards the end when they played the hit "I will always love you", and oh my, i couldnt help it...i choked. i really hope you rest in peace..there is so much being said and written about her right now and i wonder how people can be so hateful and negative when all is said and done the woman died....i dont care what she did with her life because that is not for me to judge and as her sister in law said..and said so perfectly, "in the final analysis, it was always between her and God anyway"...or problems, sins transgressions, mistakes are between us and god anyway..i loved you whitney and so did alot of other in peace

About this look: I cant recall how long ago i actually wore this outfit or where to, what i do remember is that we were experiencing a cold front in Soflo, which of course could be the only reason to have on so many pieces of clothing. The jacket, which i absolutely love is from the  zara brand but  was actually thrifted at the goodwill for $6 and ofcourse it was in amazing condition...honestly it looked like it was worn maybe once or twice..what do you thinlk of this look?


  1. love all your looks dear!

    HAVE FUN ;)

    cayridice xoxo


  2. super inda! los botines son geniales!!

  3. estas bellisima,la chaqueta es estupenda,tienes toda la razon esta mujer murio despues de darlo todo ,no importa de que murio ,y hay que respetar ,murio sin hacer daño a nadie y dejandonos momentos inolvidables ,y eso es lo que importa


I appreciate all your comments...:)