Sunday, March 18, 2012

Polka dots and silver

Dress: Ross dress for less; Heels: Speed Limit 98

Happy Sunday dolls! Ok so i usually post pics of outfits ive taken a while back but today is a bit different..i actually wore this dress today and because i love it and i also got some pretty good pics i decided im gonna post it. For those of you who dont  know the  Ross dress for less stores are pretty cool in terms of getting CHEAP dresses. The ones in South Florida can be horrible with the clutter and disorganization but sometimes i find some really really good things in there..for example this dress and two more (i plan to wear soon) for $12.99..yea i know crazy right? but so true. These high -low dresses are trending now and  with the exception of forever21,  are selling for nearly 50 in some stores. As ive said before, i have no problem spending money on something i really like but i hate the idea of spending what i consider alot of money on something that will be out of fashion with the passing of the season. So for a dress like this, which i personally will probably wear once or twice, $13 seems like a fair amount to spend..what do you guys think?


  1. yup its really pretty and mega cute on you

  2. very cute blog!we can follow each other?kisses

  3. Dress nice, these very Pretty.

    un bacio amore.


  4. I fell in love with this dress!
    Great blog!Check my blog and if you want we could follow each other:-)

  5. i really like your blog and your style im following

    great dressssssss

    love it


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