Monday, October 31, 2011

Rocker Blues!

Jacket: Forever 21; Tank: Zoo York; Pants: Yeans Please; Heels: Delicious

Can you believe i did not like this jacket when i first got it..i purchased it online and when it came it was really big (remember i was waay skinnier than this)  and i never liked the style..however the other day i took it out to wear it and i couldnt believe how stupid i was ..its a great jacket ..i paired it up with this light blue jeans that i love and this lip tank that i thrifted for like a dollar...btw i dont like thrifting tanks, t-shirts and those types of tops ..i find that its better to buy them new because they get stained easily..this one was however in great condition and pretty cheap..what do you think of this look?


  1. Lovely outfit and lovely blog! I follow your on chicisimo!!

  2. Your look is very nice, your blog also :)
    I wait you in mine:
    I follow you here and in Chicisimo, if want pls follow me :)


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