Friday, November 11, 2011

The Green Monster

Top: Anna and Frank (Vintage); Skirt: Marshalls; Bag: Jennifer Moore; Shoes : Delicious

Hey ladies, HAPPY FRIDAY!! im so sorry ive been mia for like the two weeks, ive been busy and also a little sick..i even have surgery coming up soon..nothing major though..out patient thank God..because he ALONE knows how much i truly truly hate hospitals, needles blood and the works...anyways this outfit i wore sometime ago when i was apartment hunting...i didnt wear the heels though..haha..the top was thrifted..i kno alot people dont like second hand clothing but i dont mind because its cheap, and i tend to stay away from torn, stained and really smelly items. I love thrifting tops though because thrift stores have a wide variety of colours and very nice, well made, great material (silk even) tops that are so comfortable to wear during the day....the skirt is from marshalls and the shoes from ross..what do you think of this look..
p.s today is veterans days! so my husband (who is military) and i will probably go out tonight and get in on some of the not sure though...pass by chicisimo to see my look ...


  1. cute!

  2. You look great! I'm following you on chicisimo, and now I'm following also your blog! visit mine if you want, it would mean a lot to me =)

  3. Hy! Thanks for your comment at Chiccisimo. I have visited your blog and I liked it. So I'm following you now. Kisses! I'm LTR.

  4. Love this look so girl and cute!


I appreciate all your comments...:)