Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall for Colour

Top: Jordan; Belt : New York & Co.; Dress (as skirt): Forever 21; Clutch Thrifted

Hey everyone! hope your having a great weekend! ..I titled this look  "fall for colour" because i love the idea of continuing colour into the fall season...previously ladies would dump their bright coloured clothing around this time of year and gravitate to the so-called tranditional dark fall colours..grays, blacks, browns and tans.   This fall, however it is clear that colour intends to stick around and im loving it!!!

About this look: This "skirt" is actually a dress,  a maxi dress from forever 21. I wore it as a skirt because i really love the colour and also im always having trouble finding skirts that are really long on me (and im 5'4'...pretty average) . I  like my maxi skirts really long and the dress did exactly that for me ..also i like the idea of having a multi-purpose item, something i can get creative with, people do it all the time with skirts, that is, wear them as dresses i just  wanted to wear my dress as a skirt. The top, a very nice mustard yellow was thrifted as well as the clutch..what do you think of this look.?  


  1. gorgeous fall outfit you look amazing love the makeup as well

  2. wonderful ;)!!


I appreciate all your comments...:)