Thursday, October 6, 2011

Printed Halter Dress

Dress: Forever21; Clutch: Green Mountain; Heels: Delicious (Ross)

Hey still posting pics taken a while back ..this dress is one of my favourite might actually be my favourite if i really think about it...i bought it from forever 21 in 2008 and it is still very much trendy today....i even remember how much i paid for it...19 dollars...pretty cheap huh?....well i gave it a whirl one saturday night for date night was kinda drafty inside the restaurant because  as with most halter tops and halter top dresses  the back is complely open (though you cant see it )..anyway..what do think of this dress...


  1. u look good! love ur shoes!

  2. The leopard print is a must in fashion!
    very beautiful and good price
    kisses beautiful doll!!!


I appreciate all your comments...:)