Monday, October 24, 2011

I need your help

Hat: Walmart; Top : Petticoat Alley; Shorts: Forever21; Flats: Seychelles,  Bag: Liz Claiborne
Hey ladies!!, ok so ive been trying to come up with ways in which i can promote my blog..i appreciate every single person who has become a member so far and have tried to show that appreciation by joining your blogs also. I  would,  however, love love love more members. This is a pretty recent blog (started in September) so i figured it would not blow up over night especially since i have no give aways etc etc to attract new members..(i would love to give away stuff  but im just waiting for the member list to increase to atleast  I would really appreciate your suggestions/recommendations  on how to go about making my blog a bit more popular...more noticable..what were some of the things you did to get your blogs off the ground?? or is it simply a waiting game?..i would really appreciate your advice....

About the look:  this is one of my more casual outfits..i wore this to go get some extensions put in my hair.  This photo was taken the day i got them done  and im still wearing them now..i love this top,  i think i got it at Marshalls ..its very cute,  ofcourse pretty cheap (12.99) and very wearable especially here in SoFlo...


  1. This outfit really seems like mine today!!haha
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