Saturday, September 3, 2011

You totally "Blue" my mind

Top: Thtifted,  Pants: Forever 21,  Clutch :Thrifted, Shoes :Thrifted
I wore this outfit to the casino (my first time and i won 30 dollars yay!!) anyways i wore this outfit out one saturday night to the casinos..ive had this harem pants for like a month before i finally wore it ..i never expexted the end to be so close fitting (i bought it online)  but i guessmaybe  because i gained so much weight ..yea when i came here last year i was 110 now im 127..CRAZY!!. Since recently  these panst have grown on me they are really comfortable and i think very versatile....the top i got from a thrift store ...i love it the fabric is soooooo breathable and feels great on a hot florida day...

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  1. this outfit looks great on you!




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