Friday, September 2, 2011

Vintage Shirt

Shirt/Top : Vintage (Thrift store), Skirt : Poof (Marshalls), Shoes : Soda, Hat : Thrifted
I mentioned yesterday that i thrift very often..i first heard about thrifting from you tube and decided maybe i could try it. The first time i went thrifting was last year (2010) around novemeber/december and it was to get a black blazer because i didnt want to  pay $60 at a store which was the going rate at the time. My first impressions were not good, the stores i went to were just dusty and smelly and had very little traffic....... to say i ended up buying one at a store..One day i realized that there was a goodwill very near where i lived so i went inside. the experience was great...the store big and clean and the staff friendly enough.....needless to say  ive been going ever since..........

About this look: This shirt was a very vintage coud just tell by the tag (if you could see it) was in great condition though, i was attracted to it because of the colours and also the size, i wanted to pair it with a white skirt but my hubby preferred the black i went with was a pretty casual day, doing laundry and some grocery shopping, i dont remember if i did anything else......

what do you think of this shirt?

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