Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall for Colour...Fall Fashion 2011

Ok so summer has officially ended.. for those of you who were not aware (like i was) summer ended september 21..crazy because it still feels and looks alot like summer in florida and where i am from orginally...jamaica..where im still always summer... the season doesn't ever seem to change there and im not hating it because i really don't like being cold. However, im a big fan of  fall and winter fashion ..the layering with the  jackets, the coats, the leggings etc etc......i just love it all. Usually they'll tell you that you cant have your cake and eat  it too, i think in my case (living in South florida) you kinda can....the winter here doesnt get that bitter blizzards just nice cool to moderately cold days you can  rock fall and winter fashion and still be quite comfortable.....with that said lets look at some of what i consider the most interesting trends in fashion this fall

Peplum Blazers Coats and Vests

Peter Som and Thakoon, Fall- Winter 2011 (

As expected,  this fall will see the return (well i wouldnt even say return ..because these are staples of the fall and winter seasons every year) of some of my personal favourites and im sure yours too....blazers (especially blazers), coats and vests however what seems to be trending is the peplum version of all these. Some of falls prettiest jackets, and blazers come with whittled-in-at-the-waist silhouettes—which means you can flaunt your ladylike silhouette even if you’re wearing lots of layers (

Polka Dots

Marc Jacobs and Diane von Furstenburg, Fall-Winter 2011

Ive always been a huge fan of polka dots...every season...polka dots- particularly black and white- have always been a staple in my closet. Lately however with the onset of these vibrant colour trends for summer and even fall (yes fall!!) i have been experimenting with different colours and different types of clothing with the pattern.... I think polka dot trend is a completely safe  trend to try even for those of us who are less experimental...trying a polka-dot blouse or scarf can put a playful—and trendy!—spin on  an everyday outfit and just give you that extra something your looking for...

Maxi Skirts and Cozy Sweaters

So youre looking for something comfortable and a bit low key? rather than resorting to jeans and a sweater...this season calls for the maxi skirt and the personally im not completely sold on this trend and i guess this is because  mostly everyone in this photo and similar others look like bag ladies (no offence) and also   because i tend to go fitted and loose..not loose and loose..and i dont know why.. but in my head a comfy sweater is a loose sweater..i realized though that that isnt necessarily true so if i can find a sweater (already in my closet) thats a bit more fitted and  comfy of course i will be more than willing to try this trend...after all its always good to challenge yourself beyond the great blue jeans...

The Slit Skirt or slit-up- to- there skirt 

Christian Siriano, Jenni Kayne and Diane von Furstenberg, Fall-Winter 2011

So falls newest party peice is the slit-up to- there skirt...interesting....its for those of us that still want to be covered up while dressed  up. I really don't know how i feel about rocking this trend ....its seems a bit risque to me ..i dont know but to have a slit right at the front going all the way up there..ummm im not im a bit prudish? .....anyhoo in the name of being adventurous and experimental i think i might try this trend (dont hold me to it though).  If you're like me and do not already have this skirt in your closet, you're not willing to slit one of your skirts or you don't want to spend on what may ultimately become a once worn item then your local thrift store is your best bet. Its a cheap and easy way to add something to your closet that you are not quite sold on but still willing to try ...

Wrapped in Lace

The lace trend is really nothing new...its been a trend for the last couple seasons as far back as 07 (please correct me if im wrong)  ...and its a wonderful trend .. i just love lace..lace dresses (i have 4 that i have not worn yet), lace tops, lace skirts and lace shorts (i need to get one asap).... For this fall though, the lace trend is getting a bit more dressed up...a little bit more classy nice lace dresses will be perfect for that weekend party, show or semi-formal event and  even for a day at the office. The fact is ..if you're a fashionista you will find that you are overdressed for alot of things..but dont worry you're not alone...

Bright Pants

Now i can tell you that this trend is a personal favourite...i have been wearing bright pants since forever even before they were  "fashionable" now im completely on it....its a great way to vamp up fall outfits which tend to be centered around grays, browns, black, and other sometimes dreary colours...I need to get some coloured trousers though..with exception of a bright pink all i have are coloured jeans..

Granny Plaids

Tory Burch, Adam and DKNY, Fall-Winter 2011

Ok so by now we all know tha designers tend to over do it when they put a pattern on the full on plaid outfits...well im sorry but im not that adventerous...i picked this trend however because i have a plaid blazer that i have been dying to wear  but it just never seemed to be the right time ... it seems though that this season  will be absolutely perfect to wear it...

The Working Girl Dress

Luca Luca, Adam and Jill Stuart, Fall-Winter 2011

Ok so i love this trend. First, because i love dresses and second, because i love vintage dresses (even though i own like and these dresses are so 70's  inspired. These dresses are super elegant and can be worn to work, out to eat, to a party or even worn casually with flats...i cant wait to get my hands on one

so there it is....the nine fall fashion trends i find particularly interesting .which ones do you plan to rock this fall..? let me know..


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  3. me encanta la idea de usar vestidos en invierno ,
    los mas largos son los mejores
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