Friday, September 21, 2012

A whole lotta...

Blazer: Sashimi; Tank: Forever 21; Pants: Forever 21; Heels: Traffic

So its the weekend again! I am posting another outfit from waaayyy back when. Of the pictures i took, only three were worthy of public display (lol..). Anyway, .I've worn this pants twice and im actually planning to wear it again with a coral peplum top i got recently (well a mth now). 

There are so many sales in stores right now, tops as cheap as $5-most of them are spring/summery but you can still throw on a jacket and call it fall. It's so funny to see these tops that start off at $20/$30 even $40 (lets say) now at $5/$6/$ 8/ $10 simply because stores are clearing out for their fall/winter collections some of which (as far as im concerned) are ridiculously priced. I already have an overload of sweaters, blazers and jackets (even a peplum one i  purchased in Jamaica nearly 3 years ago and never even wore) so i have no definite plans to go shopping this fall..i may pick up some nude combat boots..already saw a pair i like and maybe some sneakers ..a  top, a maxi skirt..i don't know..but no big hauls. I love shopping as much as the next girl (when i can afford to) but sometimes you end up buying stuff you already have (maybe in a different colour)  or stuff you don't even need and never end up wearing. When you think about it, not much changes, the same stuff you wore last fall/winter can be worn this fall/winter..your greys, blacks, burgundys thrown together with this seasons trending neon, mint etc etc.. whatever else is trending. If you have style, which you clearly have , you can (in my Tim Gunn's voice) "make it work". Anyways...that's all for now ..have a great weekend guys!!
kisses :)


  1. love those pants!

  2. such a beautiful outfit!
    love the pants!

  3. Gorgeous!!!

    Love all your looks, you know it!! *-*


  4. you look so pretty and stylish! Love that printed pants! :)
    Big kiss

  5. great!!!! love the pants :)

  6. very beautiful pants!! you look perfect
    kisses pretty

  7. Hello!! I really like your look! I love the pants!! You are very beautiful!!
    I follow you ok?

  8. Hello!!
    Love your blog!! You have a new follower, follow me back??
    Love your outfit.


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