Friday, September 14, 2012

"Sneak"y girls..

T-shirt: Forever 21; Skirt: Ross dress for less; Bag: Thrifted; Sneakers: Converse  

Hi guys!!! happy Friday! i'm such a terrible terrible blogger...i have to give it to those girls that up date their blogs every single day..i just cant seem to do it ..I'll start and get to maybe day 3 and then i start to slack off...i'm still taking pics of my outfits though so i will always have fashion for you....also I've been behind on checking up on my fellow bloggers (forgive me..i really am no good at this) ..i promise to get on that soon though. 

About the Look: I wore this outfit to go thrifting one day..i try to wear a skirt with shorts under so i can try on stuff but not get direct skin contact until i wash them..btw i never try stuff on directly..not because im scorning anything but because i break out easily on my back and chest (well since lately) so i try stuff over my t-shirt and my stretchy shorts. Anyway, the skirt is from Ross (old)and the t i picked up from forever21 where i pick up all my t's and cami's because they tend to be very cheap there...what do you think of this look?


  1. I love the skirt, it's super pretty!!!! You look lovely!

  2. perfect combination. Like the all stars with the skirt!

  3. so comfy and stylish outfit!

  4. Hello beautiful!

    Sorry for the late response!

    About the pictures I'd like to feature on my blog, I havent chosen any yet, I just love so much all your outfits and depending on the trend I'm talking about on my posts, I like to show it on real people.. :) So maybe we can just talk about it right before I select one of your looks :D

    Have a great day pretty!

    Hannah's Heels

  5. Im really digging this look. Its girly with an edge and loving the pop of colour with the yellow.


  6. I really love the print of your skirt and the look so relaxed and chic! Nice! :)



I appreciate all your comments...:)