Thursday, March 29, 2012

Camel, Orange and Black

Jacket: Rainbow; Top: Old Navy; Skirt: Poof; Shoes: Gojane

This outfit is another previously worn look...i bought this jacket on clearance (almost everything that is considered winter wear is on sale  in stores now for up to even 80% off) and i really like it especially because ive wanted one this colour since forever. The rest of the outfit is pretty mundane..i just like the colour combination..what do you think...
P.S I know this post is super short but im having a tooth ache right now which is gradually becoming a head ache also ..i swear seeing the dentist doesnt seem like such a great idea now considering i wasnt feeling any pain  before ..discomfort yes ..pain no :-(


  1. que linda!! y el blog te ha quedado genial! besotes y buen finde reina , Karola de ESTILO MODA

  2. guapisima y elegante ,me encanta ese color coral

  3. lovely combination of colors !! love it !!


  4. I love your looks and I follow you :D
    I hope that you'll want to follow me too...


I appreciate all your comments...:)