Sunday, November 20, 2011

She wore a red dress!

Ok so there is a pretty funny (not haha funny)  story to this dress. I bought this dress from forever 21 some time ago...i think it was apart of the yellow tag deal and i got it for like 10 or thereabouts....anyway ive had it for a while just sitting there  till several sundays ago i finally got around to wearing it...only to spill on it ( i dont even remember what exactly)  and then put it in the machine even though the tag clearly says .."handwash"..and now its all messed up... it shrunk..but not after putting it in the dryer ....nope i didnt have to go that far (and believe me i was gonna) it shrunk coming out of the washer..can you beleive that? husband kept saying it would go back to normal when it dried but sadly it didnt :-( im not giving up though im thinking of wearing it as a maxi skirt..what do you think ? and yes i know it wasnt exactly the cleverest thing to throw it in the machine but what can i say.. sometimes i just cannot be bothered


I appreciate all your comments...:)