Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Did someone say sequins?

Blazer : Zara Basics; Top: Juliet'scloset (ross); Pants: Crest Jeans; Bag: Sasha and Heel: Delicious

So im making an effort to post more regularly..atleast every other day..i did my surgery yesterday so im still recuperating...let me say this though a "minor" surgery might be minor in terms of the actual operation the recuperation can be horrible especially if it has anything to do with the eye, throat or nose...those can be extremely uncomfortable.

About the look: This look was inspired by lookbook. Even though i don't post pictures there i visit it as well as chictopia quite often for inspiration. The inspiration for this look actually came from an ad  on the site rather than one of the postings. I was more than willing to recreate  it because one, i have all the pieces and two, sequins are all the rage right now...and i love em. I want a sequins blazer so bad ..ive been trolling the thrift stores lately trying to find one but havent been lucky so thinking of just buying one new but then i know the minute i do is the minute i will stumble upon one while thrifting. you know of any stores with reasonably priced (say $50)  sequins jacket (black or silver)right now? let me know....

P.S. tomorrow is thanksgiving...though i grew up in a country that doesnot celebrate such a day, i know that it means alot to some happy thanksgiving to you and yours...
kisses :-)


  1. love the t-shirt!!!
    follow you!!
    hug from BARCELONA

    follow each other?

  2. Nice look! I am following your blog! hope you can follow mine too

  3. He!thanks four your comment in Chicisimo.
    I love paillettes.

  4. I really like your blog! Cute pics and outfit! xoxo


I appreciate all your comments...:)