Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Firmoo Glasses Review


Jacket: Forever21; Top: Thrifted; Skirt: Forever21; Boots: Forever21; Bag: Beya

Hi everyone! most of you (who follow me) might notice that I haven't posted in awhile and that was due to computer issues again (sigh!). I now have a brand new laptop so hopefully I wont have any more issues other than simply trying to figure this one out. Needless to say, I am back and I have a few outfits to show you.
I wanted to return with  a review for Firmoo, a global online optical store. If you're in the blogosphere (especially the fashion blogosphere) you're probably aware of this company. Regardless,  I was contacted about a few weeks ago with an offer to choose a pair of glasses, wear them and write an objective review telling my lovely readers how I felt about the product and service. The offer seemed simple enough so I agreed.
 First, let me start this review by providing a little info about this company. As previously stated, they are global online optical store that provides high quality and fashionable glasses or sunglasses at a reasonable cost (starting at $8). Both prescription and non-prescription are available. Their website is easily to find and navigate and they provide not only  a simple view of the product (like most sites)  but also a try on view where you can either choose from a set of provided face shapes similar to yours or actually upload your own photo. Also, you can customize your frames to suit yourself
So the pair I chose was the OTO3570  non-prescription fashion sunglasses pictured above.  The delivery was very fast (under a week) and their presentation of the product was impeccable. It came in a plastic casing with an additional cloth case (forgive me, I don't know the correct term ..if their is one) and a cleaning cloth. The glasses itself is pretty great...its not as flimsy as the ones I usually buy (lol) and the details  (silver handles) really add to its appearance. Trust me, the photo doesn't do it justice, I actually had to double check to make sure the one  I  received was the one I ordered. Needless to say, I really like them but if I am to be objective I have to add that this pair cost $49, a sum I never pay for glasses and also I think maybe the frames I chose was too big for me. I tend to favor  smaller frames for example aviators (btw they have aviators, I realized too late). Nevertheless, Firmoo really does provide a wide variety of high quality fashionable glasses, and those of you who are fond of glasses (like me) really should pay them a visit. What is more, Firmoo launched a First-Pair-Free program, where lovely readers like you are able to get their first pairs by paying the shipping fee only. Check it out!!
About my look: I wore this outfit to do some window shopping at the mall this weekend.  My favourite piece in this look has to be the mint leather jacket from forever 21. Also, I am wearing the glasses from Firmoo....like em? let me know


  1. Hello from Spain: I'm glad you have new computer. Also I like the glasses. The jacket you're wearing is ideal. Keep in touch

  2. looking gorgeous girl..the glasses are so stylish..thanks for visiting us..followed u at Bloglovin : )



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  4. It looks glam and sexy !! Pretty


  5. It looks glam and sexy !!


  6. This is a great review, the first one I've actually read. I like the glasses on you, I'm a fan of big glamorous frames.

  7. Cute outfit, nice review too!

  8. OMG I always avoid Forever 21 shop. I love your outfit, everything works so well and looks good.
    I got to pop in to that shop.

    Thx girl
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  9. fine sky blue jacket :)


  10. Super cute outfit, love the boots..

  11. That skirt is beautiful! Xx


  12. Hi dear, love the hi-low skirt, you look so graceful in this outfit, the jacket is such a pretty colour. Followed with Blovin.

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  15. Hey! Just wanted to say that I LOVE this review + outfit. That jacket looks lovely on you! <3


  16. Super cute!!!! That jacket is amazing. Loving your blog!

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  17. OMG I love this!!! I just love your style!!!

  18. Love the high low skirt looks amazing! Just started following your blog:)

    Bringing love of vintage fashion, my photography and Diy trinkets to the masses. Keep in touch!


  19. You have some fun outfits! I followed you via GFC awhile back because when I looked to follow you there was no follow button so I went and looked through all your followers and I was about 2 or 3 pages back ;) which is why you prob didn't see me




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