Monday, October 15, 2012

The Military Trend

Jacket: Papaya; Dress: Mai Tai; Bag: Ross Dress for Less; Shoes: Gojane

Hi every one! so i am so into the military trend right now (yes..i am not afraid to say i follow While this jacket is not the common Zara one (and i do not mean anything by this because the Zara jacket is quite chic, i just say common because I've seen it so much lately) it sorta resembles it. I bought this jacket at the thrift store for ($4) and believe it or not it is a just fits really big but that what  i like most about it. I decided to scour the thrift store for military like pieces because i really don't  need or want to spend a $100 on an item i most likely will not wear past the season. In addition to the thrift store, i found a camouflage shirt (boys department) at Walmart for just $8....i was so excited because with some minor touch-ups it looks a lot like the ones trending now and i didn't have to pay no where near the $80 to $100 that almost all the stores are selling them for. So if you are into the trend  and like me you don't want to spend the extra money ..get to your local walmart or even target and search the boys department. Fashion is really just about being innovative and being able to see the potential in  just about anything. Anyways..what do you think of my first take on the military trend?


  1. Love the jacket! Great look girl! I'm definitely into the military look too:)!

  2. I love the military trend! Love this look



  3. Dear, everything is stunning on you, military also!I'm not a big fun of this trend, but as I said you're looking great!

  4. Amazing! love it!


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