Monday, July 23, 2012

Ombre (Diy)

Top: Shapely; Pants: Forever 21 (DIY); Bag: Ross Dress for Less; Heels: Nine West

Hi everyone!! So this is going to be a quick  post...i just wanted to show you guys one of my first (fairly) successful diy ombre jeans. Now you may have seen fashionistas in this style of jeans alot recently ..(i mean within the last couple months)....its so funny to me because i actually owned pants like these several years ago ..back when i was in high school. I remember because i wore very similar ones (bought as is) on my 16th or 17th birthday  (i have a photo) ..problem is i gave those away decades ago because i wasnt even thinking they might come back in style but apparantly they have. Suffice it to say,  I wasnt about to buy them again  so i decided to scour the thrift store for some cheap pants ($3.5)  for a fun diy project and above you can see the result.

Now you can do this to anything- jackets, shorts (my next diy) , dresses, skirts etc etc. What do you need? ...actually its very simiple and you may have all you need right there in your home...bleach, a shallow bowl and a pair of gloves. I also used colour remover that i purchased at walmart. What do you think of my ombre jeans? Also, this is my latest post on chicisimo (here)..feel free to check out my page and vote if you like it dont have to join to be able to vote and if you are already a member just leave me a comment i always vote back..thank you

kisses :)


  1. Love the jeans! Great blog, did you want to follow eachother?

    Scarr xx

  2. Looking good, I've been hesitant to try the DIY...I will give it a try.x

  3. I think the look is perfect!

    I like it a lot - pretty girl ;)


  4. I love tie-dye!! You´re very beautiful....

  5. you look fabulous! i love those jeans, cant believe its from forever 21- gotta check it out maybe ill get lucky ;P

    1. OMG NO WAY!!! you gotta do a tutorial lol they look fantastic!! Thank you for the follow gorgeous, i followed you too! Definitely looking forward to staying in touch with you doll!

  6. Hey, I love your post! <3
    I'm blogger from Indonesia and really like your blog!
    Can we follow each other? ;)

  7. Lovely look. I like the ombre DIY jeans so much! The combination with this shirt is amazing:)
    Thx so much for your sweet comment and for following back.
    xx chris

  8. great DIY, love your pants!

  9. love this look! followed you! hope you can follow back :)

  10. Muy chic!!!!!!!!!!!me encanta el vaquero y con la camisa ha quedado super.Besos.

  11. Love your outfit, what about following each other?

  12. guauuuu !! me encanta el vaquero perfecta!! ♥♥

  13. Love the pants! Followed you :-) hope you can follow me back.



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