Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Mum!!!

Dress: Savage(Jamaica); Heels:Payless; Bag: Thrifted

Today (friday the 13th!!!!!!! is my mothers birthday..happy birthday mummy!!!! love you!!! (btw she will never see read my mum, my brother, my father and i are all born the 13th of  our respective months. Anyway, have a superb day mom!!

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About the look: This dress is one of my favourite things ever. I purchased it in Jamaica (when i was still living there) for less than $10 US dollars and i just love is soo pretty..i've worn it on and off camera approxiametely 10,....kidding,...about 5 times ( for me thats alot). Hold on, this is not to say that i do not wear things twice, three times or  even four..its just that i try to wear everything i own atleast once...because  i thrift so often (atleast 3 times a month)  i have quite a few things that i try to wear as soon as possible especially if they are seasonall items; doing this means that i wear something once or twice and then it ends up at the back of the closet until i come across it  and fall in love all over again (which i almost always do). Dont worry, i recycle...not only do i have to but i want not wasting my money buying things to wear once then throw it away or donate it..even though im all for donating the things you dont want anymore.

Anyway (boy im talking alot today huh?, because i am so obsessed with shoes right (i was never a shoe fanatic) ive been online trying to find some cute pairs to maybe add to my limited collection..but boy oh boy..i started asking myself this question that i will now pose to you: How much are you willing to spend on shoes? i know common rhetoric in the fashion world is that you should invest in your accessories particularly your shoes but really how much is too much? ladies i would love to hear your opinion on this? im looking forward to your opinions please


  1. Hello there... Finally found you off Chicisimo :-)

    Cute dress. I love how you play with colors.

    I'm following you. Would love it if you would follow me as well.

    Happy weekend.

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    1. ps $200 is my limit on shoes, and that's only if I'm planning on wearing the shoes 200 times!
      pps Now following you on bloglovin!

  3. happy birthday to ur mom! maybe we can fllw each other?

  4. Hey cutie, thanks for commenting on my blog and asking if we could follow each other. Yes i'd love to follow each other, i already followed you so follow back? at

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  6. Felicidades para tu madre!!!!!!!!Me habria gustado una foto de las dos jijiji.Estas preciosa.Besos.

  7. happy b day for your mother !!! :)
    love your dress !


  8. Hey sweetie; I love the dress. Hope she has a lovely day and I'm following back :)

  9. Love the dress its gorgeous! Thank you for the comment on my blog....Love

  10. pretty looks! anyway you have a great blog! ohya, happy belated birhtday ya dear for your lovely mom</3
    come by and lets fllw each other if you love to so sweetie:)

  11. that is so cute!!

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  12. That dress is absolutely gorgeous, love how the florals are just at the lower portion of the dress :) I'm now following you via GFC, would appreciate it very much if you could visit and follow back if you like my blog too <3

  13. Happy Birthday to your mum!!! :) You look so pretty btw! Great outfit!

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    Evi xoxo

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  14. thanks for visitng my blog!
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