Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year Lovelies!!!

Dress: Vixen Star; Clutch; Green Mountain; Tights: Rainbow; Ankle Boots: Nine West

My first post of the new year!!! yayy! happy 2012 ladies (and gents!) i hope its going well so far. A couple of things..my birthday is in 10 days ..Friday, Jan 13th ...yay!! the luckiest day of the year :-). I always look forward to my birthday regardless of the fact that it just serves to remind me of how old im actually getting..laughing.. So thats one of the things that im looking forward to this year, as well as my anniversary (which should be extra special this year), my hubby's bdy (welll not so much because he doesnt really celebrate) and the presidential elections..im sure there is more i just cant remember right now but i will keep you up to date as the b-dy count down and others begin

About this look: So this is the dress i wore on New Years Eve. I didn't do much but watch the fireworks and go to a party  (none of which was too much fun anyway). My first shocker of the new year for you guys is the cost of this dress..i bought this dress for $4 at the the salvation army...yes im serious. I did not even buy it with new years in mind because i bought it several mths earlier. i just walked into the salvation one wednesday when they had their wacky wednesday's half off sale and i saw it (the first thing i saw actually) and decided to get it. When i tried it on at home my hubby thought i looked like a stripper...lol...he says that about anything thats short and shiny (yes, he's very limited fashion wise) ofcourse he changed his mind after it was dressed up with the tights and everything. By the way, i didnot need to alter this dress in anyway..it was actually perfect as is... So what did you guys wear on new yrs eve and where did you go?


  1. Wow what a find $4 for that cute dress! It fits you perfectly! You look fab. happy New Year and early birthday to you :)

  2. love your dress... in 2012 you've a new follower! :)))

    visit my blog so we can follow each other...



  3. That dress is simply perfect, I love it!!!!!
    Happy new year!
    New outfit post on my blog =)


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