Friday, August 17, 2012

A marraige of Black and Brown

Hats: Mudd; Dress: Forever 21; Wedges: Payless; Bag: Emile M.

Hi everyone! hope you had a great friday!! well i finally got my pictures to upload (after hrs and hrs of trying)...hiss...i cant stand computers. Anyway, as i mentioned earlier, i have been without a computer for over a week now hence the lack of posts. I had been trying to post using my kindle (which is pretty handy) but  for some reason it wouldnt work so i gave up and decided to just wait for the computer (thank god the geek squad is fairly efficient)

About this look: I actually wore this outfit for a relaxing sunday! i had seen fashionistas mixing black and brown and i thought it was pretty cool so i decided to try it.  The dress is one of three (black, yellow, blue) i bought from forever 21...they are so light and comfortable and easy to dress up or down. I have not worn the blue as yet but i really want to before  the summer ends. What do you think of this look?
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. I love your dress! You look so pretty!


  2. i love that combo dear!! so lovely look!

  3. I love your dress!!!

  4. What a lovely look dear! I like your hat!

  5. you look amazing!!!

  6. Well from this look, Black and Brown DEFINITELY do go together. Love the addition of the accessories specially the hat.They really give the outfit extra style points. Glad your computer is back and running - "geek squad" Love it


  7. !!!

    I just discovered you on Chicisimo and I had to start following you on here too!

    I need to tell you how much I love all your looks...ALL OF THEM!! And that never happened before..!

    I think you're beautiful and you really have a gift for this styling and fashion thing..! You deserve a lot more followers... Everyone should follow you too, because you have a great style..!!

    So if you dont mind, I think I going to start mentioning you on my posts... so can i borrow some of your pictures for my posts? Of course giving you all the credit you deserve!!



  8. Very cool thus casual look,I like the way you accessorized it.Following.


I appreciate all your comments...:)