Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blue and Silver

Dress: Forever 21; Heels: Speed Limit 98; Clutch: Thrifted

To make up for being absent for nearly a month ive decided to try to post just a little bit more frequently. First, let me say ive been loving forever 21 little cheap dresses lately. They come in really cute colours, easy to dress up or down and most importantly (like i said before) they are CHEAP.  This little one  was just 11.80, infact i bought two of them and i must say they were a great buy. When i first got them though (i bought them online) i didn't feel that way..they just looked plain weird when i first tried them on.. ..the neck seemed too deep..they werent that form fitting and  i was actually planning on returning them. Luckily, i decided to try them on again but this time with some accessories and well..... the blue one turned out to be great!!!.... if i do say so myself...i plan to wear the red one soon more likely with black accessories...what do you guys think of this dress?


  1. That is a cute outfit, blue looks nice on you with the silver accessories.

  2. You look gorgeous!!! This dress is stunning and blue looks perfectly on you!!!!
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I appreciate all your comments...:)