Monday, December 19, 2011

Salmon sweater!

Sweater: Appleseed; Tank: Old Navy; Leggings: Forever 21; Bag: Ferris &Mor; Ankle boots: Nine West

Hey ladies...oh my .can you believe its christmas already?..sigh..i can remember clearly last oh time flies...i will be one yr older, wiser and more beautiful in january..yay!!..anyways this outfit was actually a casual look was sort of  a chilly sunday when i wore this outfit. I think i did a bit of  thrifting and regular shopping. Speaking of thrifting..i finally found a sequins jacket ..a black one.....yaayyyyy!! for .what for it..$12.50..i know this is a bit expensive for a thrift store but i really wanted it and actually $12.50 was the half off price because it was initially $24.99...anyways it is still cheaper than in the stores that are like $30 to $40. It fits well enough (surprisingly cause it was the only one) and  i cant wait to wear it ..oh by the way i have some ideas for my new yrs day outfit but i would love to know what you guys are thinking of wearing...sequins..glitter? let me kno ..kisses :-)


  1. I love sequins!!Always glams up a look...Happy holidays (:

  2. love the sweater !!!


I appreciate all your comments...:)